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4 Things to do at home to cope with the confinement by the alarm state

The alarm status was approved by decree and came into force for a period of fifteen days and today we will know if fifteen more will be extended. A long time is the one that we have to be at home with all that it entails, but if we keep the spirit, the head and body busy with activities, apart from the telework if possible, we may carry it better.


What if we take this opportunity to be better? Better people, partners, couples, children, parents... This quarantine...

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Do you know Home Staging?

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Fundamental requirements for renting a home

Today we are going to talk to you about the requirements to rent a home. The rent is nothing more than a temporary exchange of a home for an rent, but both owner and tenant must be aware of obligations specific to each figure.


Whether you are an interested party looking for a flat or an owner who is thinking of renting it, you should know that there are procedures, paperwork and indispensable steps to be able to carry it out. Started? We tell you everything i...

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What is home appraisal?

During the process of selling a property, let's say for example the sale of your house, there is a time when you must estimate the value of it. This work is commissioned by an appraiser, and is what we know as, housing appraisal.


Size, quality, condition, and the presence or absence of key features affect the value of your home. Here are some tips for improving them and increasing your home's appraisal value:

· Size The va...

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