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Trends in decoration for 2020... ready?

The year is about to end and we are already starting to see some of the trends in home décor that will triumph in 2020.


Are you ready to meet them? Some will leave you with your mouth wide open... And others may not surprise you so much. Started!



In Travermed we are lovers of "less is more", and with that Nordic air, straight lines, wide spaces, few furniture but useful, we will see that in 2020 this premise will be basic.

But how can we get it? If you really want a modern home, start by removing furniture and items that you don't use, hide and store things that aren't practical for everyday life and clean your object spaces. Have priorities!




The personality of the spaces in recent years is one of the most outstanding trends we have seen, and is that, giving a special touch to the spaces mixing styles helps us to create a unique home.

Having access to a lot of information on the Internet, new interior design applications, being able to go to large spaces of decoration to inspire us, everything helps us to know new possibilities. It allows us to define the nuances of our personal style, it helps us to refine our aesthetic sensibility and to trust our preferences and not to simply follow the current of majorities.



This is a staple to create home, but white, gray and beigs tones are preferred for next year.

There are a thousand combinations and possibilities to highlight, areas or furniture that we like, but the trends guide us to highlight color on white, play with touches of color in black, and other colors such as brown, beigs, camel, mole, etc. Tones that merge perfectly with the neutrals that we have quoted above.

Here are some examples...



Two uptrends when it comes to creating your home in the coming months.

It is essential that natural light floods all environments, places lighter curtains or visors and allows light to transform spaces.

Contact with nature is indispensable and has become increasingly distant in our daily lives living in big cities. We have lost contact with heaven, earth, water and all the elements we find outdoors that make us feel fresh, relaxed and one with the earth. Therefore, incorporating them into our home and having them present every day make your space breathe calm and tranquility. In addition to offering you an indescribable feeling of warmth.



Japanese style, Nordic minimalist, African airs... We already know them all, but they're still with us in 2020, but this time harder. Marking your own style with pieces of decoration and unique furniture.

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